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This is a fun magic trick which can be performed at home, in school, or even at your friend’s house!

You hand out 5 or 6 different colored crayons to your spectator. You turn around, and then ask the spectator to pick one of the colored crayons, and put it in your hand. Without looking at the crayon, you are able to read the spectator’s mind, and say exactly what color they’re thinking of!

The secret to this easy yet amazing trick is simple. You secretly mark your fingernail with the crayon, and sneak a peek at the color.


1- Hand the crayons to a spectator.

2- Turn around, and put your hands behind your back. Tell your spectator to pick any color crayon they want, and to then put that crayon in your hand (which is behind your back).

3- Once the secret chosen crayon is in your hand, tell your spectator to cover the remaining crayons so that you can’t see which one is missing. Once the remaining crayons are covered, turn back around to face your audience, but keep the chosen crayon behind your back.

4- This is where the sneaky part happens! You say to your audience something like “you could have chosen any color”, or “there’s no way for me to know what color you picked”, and while you are talking, with the crayon behind your back, you secretly mark your thumbnail with the crayon (crayons don’t make marks on hands, so you need to scratch it with your fingernail).

5- Pretend to concentrate, and then bring your hand (with the crayon mark on the thumbnail) in front of you, and pretend to concentrate. It looks like you’re concreting on reading their mind, but your actually looking right at the color!

6- Once you see what the color is, pretend to concentrate a bit more on reading their mind, and then you can tell them exactly what color crayon they’re thinking of!

Although the trick might seem easy once you learn how it works, it is very convincing if performed properly. Go over the instructions, and practice the trick before performing it for anybody. Make sure that you are comfortable with all of the steps.

Good luck, and when performing magic, remember to have fun!