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Fool your friends, family, classmates and coworkers!

The following tricks have been tested and approved by Jeremy The Magician as being perfect for adults, children, and every age in between! Whether you’re in first grade, ninth grade, graduate school, or CEO of a fortune 500 company, there is always an opportunity to show somebody an inspirational piece of magic!

And the best part- All Jeremy the Magician magic tricks come with free shipping!



125 Card Tricks Booklet

This booklet is perfect for beginner and intermediate card magicians. The tricks ...

$8 $6


2 Card Monte

You show your audience 2 different playing cards. You put one of the cards behin ...

$10 $8


Ball and Vase

A small vase is shown to contain a ball. The ball is placed in the pocket. After ...

$6 $5

Color Vision

When the magician’s back is turned, a cube with 6 different colored spots is p ...


Flash Paper

Ignite with any heat source (lighter, matches, etc) for a brilliant ball of fire ...



Floating Match

Make a match to float up to an inch and a half off the card! ...

$8 $6

Magic Coloring Book

You flip through this coloring book, showing normal coloring book pages. The nex ...


Magic Lesson Gift Certificate

Present this gift certificate to anybody in your life who would appreciate a fun ...


Pen Through Dollar Bill

Any bill is borrowed from a spectator. The magician then takes a pen, and sticks ...


Sponge Balls

The MAGIC happens in their hands. Balls multiply, vanish and appear from nowhere ...



Third Hand

Make it look like you are holding an object with two hands, when really you are ...

$15 $11

Traffic Stop Light

Show 2 cards – one with 3 colored spots on it, the other is completely blank. ...


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