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This is a fun magic trick which can be performed at almost any dinner table!


You pour some water into a cup. You say some magic words, blow really hard, and then when you turn the cup over, the water is gone, and all that comes out is ice!


The secret to this easy yet amazing trick is simple. On the bottom of the cup, there is a sponge that absorbs the water, and prevents it from spilling out when the cup is turned over. The ice is already on top of the sponge and it simply falls out.


1- You’ll need a cup that is NOT see through. (A mug is perfect for this trick). You also need some ice cubes. (You can also have a second cup, which is full of the water that you’re going to pour in, or you can just use a faucet).

2- Before you show anybody the trick, stuff the sponge into the cup. Make sure that it’s all the way on the bottom of the cup.

3- Put the ice cubes on top of the sponge, and you’re ready to start performing!

4- Pour some water into the cup (Before you perform the trick for a liveaudience, you should experiment with the amount of water, which will depend on your sponge)

5- Tell your audience that you have super cold ice breath (like Superman!).

All you need to do is blow on water, and it turns into ice. Tell your audience that you will show them!

6- Pick up the cup, and pour some water into it (from the other cup of water, or it can come from a faucet).

7- Pretend to concentrate, blow really hard, and say some magic words if you’d like. This is the part that you can have fun with! Make it really dramatic and exciting, and that’s what will make this an incredible magic trick!

8-Turn over the cup, and the ice will fall out!

That’s it. Just make sure to put the mug away as soon as possible, so they don’t see the sponge.

Although the trick might seem easy once you learn how it works, it is very convincing if performed properly. Go over the instructions, and practice the trick before performing it for anybody. Make sure that you are comfortable with all of the steps; this can serve as a unique gift, showcasing your mastery of the illusion and providing a delightful surprise for friends or family.

Good luck, and when performing magic, just remember to have fun!