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This is an easy to perform card trick that will astound your friends.

Grab a deck of cards, and follow along with the instructions…


The spectator looks at any card, puts it back, and the magician then causes the spectator’s chosen card to be found upside down inside the deck.


Although the secret is simple, the success of this trick is based on convincing performance, confidence, and misdirection. The secret to this trick is to reverse the bottom card of the deck before the trick starts.


1- Once the bottom card of the deck is secretly turned over, spread out the cards for the spectator to take one (Be careful not to spread out the cards that are close to the bottom of the deck, to avoid accidentally showing the face-up bottom card). Tell the spectator to take any card that he or she wants.

2- Once the spectator takes out a card, square the deck of cards in your left hand,

3- *Misdirection* Once the spectator is looking at his chosen card, turn your left hand over. Don’t draw attention to this! One way to do this naturally is to just casually drop the left hand to the side, and turn it over as you bring it back up. Look at the spectator as you do this, not at your hand.

4- Right now, the deck is in the left hand, and face up, except for the top card, which is face down. However, because of this face down top card, the entire deck looks as if it is all face down.

5- Have the spectator put their card back anywhere in the middle, being careful not to let any upside down cards show. It appears that the spectator is simply losing his card somewhere in the middle of the deck, but he is actually putting it face down in a face up deck (except for the top card).

6- Tell the spectator that you are going to attempt to find his card, but to make it even more difficult, you are going to do it behind your back. Put the deck of cards behind your back, and while its behind your back, say that you are going to take out just 1 card, and you are going to turn it upside down.

7- All you really do behind your back is just turn over the top card. Their card is now the only reversed card in the deck.

8- Bring the deck of cards forward, spread through them, and show that the only upside down card is the exact one that they chose!

Although the trick might seem easy once you learn how it works, it is very convincing if performed properly. Go over the instructions with a deck of cards, and practice the trick before performing it for anybody. Make sure that you are comfortable with the moves, the misdirection, and the patter.

Good luck, and when performing magic, just remember to have fun!