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This is a fun coin trick which can be performed almost anywhere!


In this magic trick, you take out a coin and cover it with a napkin. In case people think that the coin is not really there, you allow the audience members to each reach under the napkin to feel and make sure that the coin is still there. When the audience members are done, you say some magic words, take away the napkin, and the coin is gone!


The secret to this easy yet amazing trick is simple. In order to make the coin disappear, you need to have a friend who is in on the secret! After all the members of the audience check to make sure the coin is under the napkin, the last person, (your partner), pretends to check for the coin, but actually secretly takes it away!

1- Take out a coin, show it around to everybody in the audience, and cover it with a napkin.

2- You say to your audience that you are going to let them check that the coin is still in your hand, in case they think that something sneaky happened. Let the audience members reach under the handkerchief to make sure that the coin is still there.

3. Make sure your secret partner checks last. Once your friend puts their hand under the napkin, they say “yes, it’s still there”, and that’s when take the coin!

4. After everybody finishes checking that the coin is still under the napkin (and your friend took it away), say some magic words, and take away the napkin to show that the coin is gone! It looks like the coin magically disappeared!

5. If you want, you can have a second coin in your pocket that looks like the first one, and once the first coin “disappears”, you can pretend that the coin actually traveled to your pocket. Take out the second coin from your pocket, and everybody will think that it’s the
coin that they just saw disappear, and that it traveled to your pocket!